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Paddlewheel Aerator 0.49 - 3 Phase 400V

£740.00 (exc. VAT)
SKU AF-E0071000

Excellent oxygen transfer and circulation.

Asian-made paddlewheels have become the most popular, even in the UK, because of their low cost.

But be careful, they are not all the same. Gear reducers, motors, bearings, paddles and seals are all problematic components. The availability of repair parts, warranty replacements and efficiency ratings must be considered over low price!

Numerous aerator comparison tests show that fan wheel aerators have the highest oxygen input per kWh. The easy-to-understand reason is that paddlewheel aerators produce a directed flow and distribute the enriched water in the water. The re-ventilation of just-ventilated pond water, as is inevitable in some other aerator types, is not possible. Bucket wheel aerators of the type PWA are used thousands of times in fish farms and shrimp farms worldwide. In Europe these devices are mostly used in fish farming plants and larger water bodies (lakes, ponds).

  • effective oxygen enrichment (O2)
  • degassing (CO2) with high fish stock
  • Flow generation and distribution of enriched water in water bodies
  • excellent price / performance ratio
  • Maintenance and repair (if required) on site
  • very long service life (10 years with continuous operation and longer were reported)

Due to the intensive flow generation, this device is only suitable for small or medium sized ponds. Even for the smallest units with 0.49 kW (P2), the water should not be less than 500 m². If the water is too small or too shallow, there is a risk of sludge rinsing and sludge swirling. The devices are only conditionally winter.

  • Motor power output P2: 490 watts
  • elec. Connection: 400V / 50Hz-3ph.
  • Number of bucket wheels: 2
  • Weight: 80 kg