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Oxyguard Handy Polaris 1 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

£756.00 (ex. VAT)
Cable Length

The OxyGuard Handy Polaris is a portable D.O. meter that also measures % saturation, mg/L (ppm), temperature and has salinity compensation. Measurements are compensated for temperature and barometric pressure. The probe is galvanic type and fully field-serviceable. Has a large display with backlight and offers automatic calibration and a choice of language and units of measurement. Each unit is supplied with a detachable clip for easy attachment to a belt or clipboard. Battery life allows up to 1,400 hours of use from a single 9V battery.

  • Automatic calibration with stability check.
  • Compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure.
  • Automatic shutdown for power saving.


  • Automatic calibration with stability check.
  • Automatic self-check of instrument
  • Automatic check of cable and probe.
  • Compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure.
  • User selectable language.
  • User selectable main display parameter.
  • "On-screen" instructions.
  • Waterproof.
  • 1400 hours use from one 9V alkaline battery.
  • Illuminated display with variable intensity.
  • Special highly flexible cable.
  • Automatic shutdown for power saving.


  • NEW PROBE DESIGN – even easier to renovate!
  • Galvanic type.
  • No warm up time.
  • Fully temperature compensated.
  • Remarkably short response time.
  • Stores dry.
  • Excellent long-term stability.
  • Tough membrane.
  • No need for regular service or renovation.
  • Probe renovation easy and fast when needed.
  • Spares available at very low price
  • Parameters: ppm (mg/l), saturation, temperature (°C or °F), salinity compensation.
  • Display: Large, easy to read graphical LCD display. Variable backlight.
  • Probe Type: Galvanic cell, self polarizing, self temperature compensating. Cable Length: Standard 3 m. Any length available on request.
  • Operating Conditions: Probe: -5 to +45°C, meter -20 to +60°C.
  • Encapsulation (meter): Short-term immersion proof to max. 5m depth.
  • Measuring Range: 0-60.0 ppm (mg/l) and 0-600 saturation. Automatically compensated for temperature and barometric pressure. Manual salinity compensation.Temperature -5 to +45°C.
  • Salinity Compensation: 0-59 ppt salinity (manually set).
  • Accuracy: Depends on calibration accuracy. Typically better than +/-1% of measured value +/-1 digit within the standard measuring range.
  • Repeatability: Typically better than +/- 0.5% of measured value.
  • Response Time: 90% of end value in less than 20 seconds in water.
  • Accuracy, Temperature: +/- 0.2°C.
  • Dimensions: 98 mm diameter x 36 mm + belt clip (if used).
  • Self-check of: Probe function, meter function, cable, battery.
  • Useful battery life: Approx. 2 years with 1 hour's use per day, 5 months with 8 hours use per day.
  • Standard Accessories: Membrane cap, membranes, electrolyte, cathode cleaning pad, storage pouch.

At Sterner we have a team of fully trained engineers on hand to service, repair and calibrate your handheld oxygen meters to ensure they're working accurately year round.

The service starts with a thorough inspection of the instrument to pickup on any faults there might be with the unit. This includes checking both temperature and oxygen reading against a calibrated reference unit to ensure accuracy. If there are no faults, the unit will then be renovated, calibrated and a calibration certificate will be produced.

If there are faults with the meter and it needs parts, you will receive a quotation for repairing it before any work is carried out.

Overview of service:

  • Initial inspection
  • Renovation
  • Calibration (incl certificate)