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Linn Aqua-Hobby I Floating Aerator

£731.00 (ex. VAT)
SKU AF-E0013000

The range of Hobby aerators is used both in the hobby area and for small to medium-sized ponds in fish farming. This aerator, developed for reliable continuous operation, has a very good price / performance ratio and is in use a thousand times. The encapsulated motor is cooled by the pumped water and does not make any running noises - only the rushing water can be heard.
The large stainless steel protective cage prevents fish or branches from getting into the propeller area. Despite the large area of ​​the basket, it may be necessary to clean the basket from time to time when mowing or when there is an excessive fall of leaves in autumn. You can achieve the highest oxygen input with these devices in water with a light flow. If you do not want to operate the aerator in continuous operation, it is possible to set the desired ventilation times during the day or night using a commercially available timer (not included). In summer, especially in bodies of water with intensive vegetation, it can make sense to start ventilation during the night, see data sheet.

It is supplied as a ready-to-use device with a 15 m cable and plug.

We recommend this aerator for ponds with an area of ​​max. 150 m².

Motor nominal power P2: 150 watt
Connection: 230V / 50Hz-1ph.
Throwing circle: max. Ø200 cm
Spacing of the sieve basket: 9.5 mm
Weight: 15.0 kg