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Ecosoft commercial reverse osmosis system MO 24000

by Ecosoft
£5,875.00 (ex. VAT)

Ecosoft MO 24 000 сcommercial reverse osmosis system is a compact, light and energy-efficient solution with the productivity of up to 24 000 L/day.

Ecosoft MO 24 000 сcommercial reverse osmosis system is a compact, light and energy-efficient solution with the productivity of up to 24 000 L/day.

Use of Dow Filmtec™ membranes provides a consistently high quality of purified water and allows regulating the yield of permeate depending on the quality of the source water, providing values up to 75% without having any risk to the membrane condition.  Stable operation is provided by Grundfos high-pressure pump.

A state-of-the-art controller provides complete automation of the system. The controller is equipped with permeate conductivity sensor, which allows continuous monitoring of the purified water quality. The compact design of the system and the specially designed connection panel greatly simplifies the transportation, installation, and maintenance of the system. The use of flexible connecting tubes provides a significant reduction in vibration and noise generated by the high-pressure pump.

Ecosoft MO 24 000 commercial reverse osmosis system is designed for water purification at breweries, beverage enterprises, pig farms, horse-breeding plants, publishing houses, greenhouses, chemical plants, production of windows, laboratories, steam boilers, etc.

Key advantages
  • Reliable performance due to high-quality engineering and components.
  • Flow capacity  up to 24 000 L/day
  • Saves space due to compact original design.
  • Easy-to-use due to smart architecture.
  • Saves up to 50 % of energy - due to highly efficient Dow Filmtec™ RO membranes and Grundfos pump.


The process of operation of a commercial reverse osmosis system consists of the following stages of water purification.
The water supplied to the osmosis is pre-cleaned by a 5-micron sediment filter included in the unit. The water is fed to the membrane by a high-pressure pump.

During the treatment the water is divided into two flows inside the membrane module of the system: demineralized water, or permeate, and water with increased salt content, i.e. concentrate. Part of the concentrate is discharged into the sewage system while the module is operating, and part of it is sent to the inlet of a high-pressure pump, to recycle the concentrate. An antiscalant can be dosed into the feed water stream, which prevents the formation of deposits inside the membrane elements.

Demineralized water (permeate) is supplied to the storage tank of permeate, where a float switch is installed, which switches off the system when the tank is full. The system is automatically rinsed with feed water before it is switched off or at predetermined intervals. This mode is called the hydraulic flushing mode, during which the system requires a short-term 1-2 minutes water supply exceeding the water supply in service mode.

The system controller provides:

  • Switching on and off of the system according to the level of water in the storage tank,
  • Automatic hydraulic flushing of membranes,
  • Blockings and preventive alarm in case of emergencies to protect the pump from dry running, membranes from high pressure etc.
  • Measurement and display of electric conductivity and temperature.
Requirements for the feed water
Temperature of feed water °С 4...30
Residual chlorine, less than mg/L 0.1
Hardness meq/L up to 3 (30)
Iron mg/L up to 0.1
Manganese mg/L up to 0.05
Silicate mg/L up to 20
Chemical oxygen demand mg O2/L up to 4

values with antiscalant dosing are given in brackets

Components of the system

  • Dow Filmtec™ XLE-4040 membranes
  • Grundfos high-pressure pump
  • European solenoid valves
  • Multifunctional controller
  • Conductivity sensor
  • Sediment filter
  • High and low-pressure switches
  • Float switch
  • Regulated discharge and recycle flow meter
  • Vibration resistant pressure gauges
  • Frame with unique design
  • Wooden box packing


  • Dow Filmtec™ LC LE-4040 membranes
  • Membrane rinse with permeate
  • Raw water blending